Entertaining in your backyard this spring

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Springtime is just around the corner. It’s one of my favorite times of year. Listening to the birds in the morning and watching everything starting to bloom are great signs that we’ll soon have the opportunity to entertain in our backyard. That also means we’ll need to get out there and start to clean things up. Lots of trimming and sprucing up to do.
Knowing which way the sun interacts with your yard is key. Having a southern exposure is always the best scenario. For some reason that seems to get the best sunlight usage in backyards. Planning your next outdoor entertaining event can be that much better when you plan for that optimal time for sunlight. HGTV has some great backyard ideas on entertaining in your backyard. You can see these photos by clicking here. Having some great appetizers is always a great way to kickoff your backyard entertaining. Like yogurt? How does some Easy Herbed Yogurt Dip sound? Pair that with a salad bar and spice-rubbed grilled chicken and you’ve got a great spread going. I got these ideas from the Martha Stewart website. You can see these recipies by clicking here.
Visiting your local farmer’s market for some of these items is fabulous and a great way to enjoy some seasonal produce. I’d love to hear from you on your favorite backyard entertaining ideas. I really enjoy hearing how others enjoy their backyards during the springtime.